Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last school day of 2016

Conrad and I had a house appointment at 2:30 so he drove me to school. I was concerned he'd have trouble filling his time before 1:15 but the snaps that I got this morning showed he had no trouble occupying himself. :)

The morning was busy as I quickly got the last few things in order before the day began. Then we had our Christmas Chapel and then it was mild chaos as we made wrapping paper for our cookbook gifts and wrapped up our wood nativities. Thanks to the awesome parent who stayed behind to help me get everything done. I truly work with amazing parents. 

Right before we dismissed, I was gifted this pile of goodies from my students:

I am so spoiled!

Conrad and I looked at a house and then went out for a late lunch:

and then we picked Kaden up from Driver's Ed and went home.

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