Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Just in Time!

I have been waiting for Maddy's last gift to arrive in the mail and it finally did!

Kaden and Maddy plan to exchange gifts on Friday when I drive him out to his in-car driving lesson in the afternoon and we will give Maddy the gifts from us. I decided to follow the same 4 gifts that we do for our kids for her gift.

Since I'm back dating this I can actually reveal what's inside:

want: a gift certificate for her to get a smoothie at her favourite local joint
need: a water bottle since her old one was broken
wear: a purplish blanket scarf (this was the one I was waiting for!)
read: a devotion book that I picked because the preview looked pretty good and the cover kind of looks like a dancer.

Now her gifts are wrapped and ready to go!

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