Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ice Skating Prom?!

One thing I've learned about having adult, and nearly adult, children is that you just never know what kinds of adventures they are going to be having next.

Last week, Kiandra texted me this photo:

She heard about a casting call for high school looking extras who could skate and had formal attire. She sent in this photo to the casting director of her in her grad dress with Kezia's skates. She was secured as an extra and scheduled to come for a 2:00 AM (!!!) call time this morning. 

Late yesterday evening came a desperate call for more extras. Kezia borrowed a grad dress and some skates (since Kiandra was using hers) and they also called two other friends to join them too.

Three of them were up at our house last night until after midnight doing hair and makeup for their early morning call time. (Not awkward at all with Conrad and I sleeping in the middle of the living room as we put new flooring in our bedroom. ;)

We let Kezia miss a day of school knowing that if the call time was 2:00am then they likely wouldn't be finished until late morning or early afternoon. It was fun to wake up to this snap chat story:

Kezia and Katrine were wrapped at 12 hours since they were under 18. But Kiandra and Meguire stayed for almost 2 hours longer as they really wanted to finish the scene.  Here are the ice prom beauties:

They skated in these outfits for hours! They barely had time to warm up in between and my girls arrived home at 6:30pm exhausted but thankful for the opportunity. They enjoyed their time on the ice, met some new friends, and by the end, were quite accomplished skaters! 

What adventures will my kids be up to next???

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