Sunday, December 11, 2016

family photos

So... we've had one of the nicest Fall temperatures this year and we would have had our choice of good days to take our family Christmas Card photos...but in a house of busy schedules today was the first day that we were finally able to get everyone together for a photo shoot. It wasn't the best day to be outside to take them though....
Kiandra had picked out of outfits and we drove to the park where she set up her tripod and it only took 2 shots to get this:

But Kiandra is her mother's daughter and encouraged us to snap a few more even though we had to run back and forth to warm up in the van between every few shots.

However, we did manage to get some great pictures in less than 20 minutes!

By 2:00, the cards were ordered and by 4:30 I had an email to tell me they were ready to be picked up.

Christmas cards - check!

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