Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

I brought out my gold sparkle tights and my gold sparkle stilettos for Christmas Eve!

My favourite part was the candlelight "Silent Night" to conclude the Christmas Eve service:

I'm thankful that the restaurant that the girls work at closes at 3:00 and that they were able to enjoy the Christmas Eve service and our evening together and I know not every restaurant employee enjoys this opportunity!

Two things are funny about this family pic:

1. Even with 4 inch heels, Kaden is taller than me.
2. Conrad is on tip toes so that he appears taller than me.

We had our Christmas Eve tradition of make your own pizza:

We opened up a new family game but didn't even finish playing it before retiring for the night. It's an interesting shift when the kids declare they are tired and head off to bed on Christmas Eve without any coaxing.

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