Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wish List 2016

November 1 seems like a good time to make my Christmas list so that Conrad can get his shopping done ;) Here are some things on my wish list this year:

A cover for my Thirty-one gifts tote. I received a tote (Actually this medium and this large one) as an end of the year gift last year and they are perfect for teachers. I use the medium one most often (Every. Single. Day.) and adding this cover will keep things dry when lugging things back and forth to school in inclement weather. I'd love the medium cover in navy. (This link has one but I've seen them for less). The stand-tall insert for the medium tote would also be on my wish list. (Heidi is/was a rep so you may want to check with her for what's available.)

These earrings by Jolie Handmade Jewelry. I'd love them in silver to match a necklace that I have or brass.

A bigger pen set for Bible journalling. This set has 24 colours and I think my current set has 10.

or these for writing text in my bible:

A thick plush white bathrobe like this one. Perfect to use for a spa day Thermea.

Owl washi tape....or any washi tape.

:) This

and 2 of these :)

Any of these Jamberry nail wraps...I'm sure Roberta can hook you up on some kind of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal ;)

That should give Conrad a few ideas to choose from! ;)

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