Friday, November 11, 2016

That time we decided to paint our main floor....

We've been thinking and considering the possibility of possibly selling our house. There are always the little things that you leave undone because even though you notice them from time to time, they just aren't a priority ...until you think about selling. :)

Our carpet was installed when we moved in to this house 14 years ago and has endured the messiest part of kid raising and 3 cats it was in need of replacement. Since our dark walls are not everyone's preference we decided to paint to lighten up the space BEFORE the new flooring. With Conrad having 2 days off in a row we decided we'd paint this weekend. was pushed into the middle of the room in the living room:

 and Kezia's room:

and our bedroom and ensuite. (no photos)

and then the patching and prep work began on Thursday and by today we were ready to start painting.

"Thatched Cottage" Brown to "Silver Marlin" Grey

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