Monday, November 21, 2016

new car!

Kiandra's been thinking about getting a car for a little while. Conrad has taken her out a few times and they've looked at some old cars and they also checked out some new cars as well. Since Conrad's track record for used cars has not been that great, it has been hard for him to recommend Kiandra getting a car that could break down as soon as she buys it. While there are certainly disadvantages for getting a new car (depreciation, cost, loan, etc.) Conrad and Kiandra decided that a new car might just be the way to go. Over the last month, they worked to negotiate a pretty sweet deal with 0% financing on this new 2016 Nissan's one of the cheapest new cars you can get. ;) Kiandra did put down a down payment but was able to do the deal all by herself without a co-signer. (We still don't know what we are going to do with our house and didn't want to add any extra "debt" to our names). The new car will be, or should be, reliable and have practically no maintenance. The loan payments are 0% and she can pay off the loan with no penalty. Having this loan paid off will certainly boost her credit if and when she decides to buy a house in the future. This is something that wouldn't happen if she bought a used car with cash. It's hard to know what the best choice is going to be in the long run but since everything finally came together in the last few weeks....

Today Kiandra took custody of her new car! Conrad was working but the rest of us came with Kiandra to the dealership to pick it up.
as I took these photos, I kept thinking "How can babies buy cars?!" Kiandra has grown up so fast!
On the show room floor:
With her sales guy:
Then the sales guy asked for a group photo:
Then he drove it out for her and she got in and Kezia and Kaden argued who would ride shot gun:
and then my kids drove off and I was left alone to drive home...

Crazy-ness. How in the world did I become the Mom of a child old enough to buy a new car on her own?! 

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