Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Last day of Volleyball????

It's been a long season of volleyball as for each 7:30-9:30  practice (almost every day since school started) I end up just staying at school until the practice is over. I am ready to have my evenings back. With hockey now in session and Driver's Ed about to begin, the chance that Kaden will be finished volleyball made me very happy.

My friend Janice snapped me "Are you going to be happy if volleyball ends tonight?"

They lost the first two sets and were ready to begin set 3 (games are best of 5)

The coach (finally!!) put in Kaden and another Grade 10 student (The coach usually just plays the grade 9 students) when the other team was 8 points away from a 3 set victory. I was 8 points away from getting my evenings back when they pulled ahead with a win in the third set.
Kaden and the other grade 10 stayed on for set 4 and they won that set too. Just when I thought it was over for the season they pulled off a 5th set win to secure their spot in the next round.

and so they move on and I must wait a little longer to go home at a decent time after school....

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