Tuesday, November 15, 2016

House Hunting

After yearbook (and Kaden's first driver's ed class!) we made an appointment to see a house that has been on the market for a few weeks with a dropping price...

It's a *wee* bit of a fixer upper....

It has good potential but will require tons of work to restore it to its potential. We wonder if we are up for the challenge. There were so many things that we like about this house and we aren't scared of a little renovation. The high ceilings in this basement (this was the lowest section!) are a huge plus in our books:

The basement is massive...almost 1300 square feet! This is the other side of the basement that is finished:

Almost everything in the house needs work. It's a little overwhelming.

We looked at the house in the evening and it was already dark out but this was a surprise:

It would be kind of cool to have a pool...but the pool is in the same condition as the rest of the place and so it will likely need lots of fixing as well. This house checks off so many boxes but we will have to see if it's something we pursue. 

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