Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Kaden's volleyball team played for Bronze today. They won the first set 25-15.
Lost the second set 25-23.
Lost the third set 25-22 and then won the fourth set 26-24!
Then it was off to set five which is supposed to be until 15 points but you play until you win by 2 points. The set was back and forth until Kaden's team actually pulled out an 18-16 win agains the other team to win the Bronze place title!
Kaden got a medal:
and, as captain, got to collect the plaque for the team:

It was an intense game! Kaden told me this would "for sure" be the last game but I overheard some of the parents talking and it sounds like this win might mean they are eligible for a "wild card" spot in Provincials.....

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