Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Winter

One of my teacher peeps has a family tradition that every year on the first snow fall they go out to eat at A & W. Another Winter.

Today, was one of those kinds of LONG days at school. I had yearbook from 3:30-5:00 and then Kaden had driver's ed from 4-6 and volleyball practice from 7-9. I knew Conrad had likely had cereal for supper as the girls were working and so Kaden and I used a coupon to celebrate Another Winter and the first snow fall by also eating at A&W today on the day of the first snow fall this year.

As much as I've longed for my evenings back after this terribly LONG volleyball season, I have enjoyed moments like this with Kaden. I love that we ride to and from school together each day. I love that I can hear about his day in person. I love this time with my son. 

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