Saturday, October 15, 2016

In the van..

I haven't totally given up my chauffeur status and today was one of the days that reminded me....

Kiandra and I drove to our 5th Aerial silk class. Our 6 week beginner class ends next week. I learned a few more tricks and I hope Kiandra can snap a few pictures next week of some of the stuff I've learned.

Then we drove home and Kaden was still in was almost 11:30am! Those full days of school and volleyball are getting to him!

His second hockey tryout was in the early afternoon:

Kiandra and I did some errands, including a stop at the bread store to buy these 20 items for $23.98.

Then we went back to pick Kaden up:

and then in the late afternoon  I drove Kiandra to set where she will be an extra in a Christmas movie:

I *almost* drove from there to Kaden's volleyball tournament over an hour away but thankfully the coach told Kaden he didn't have to come. I was glad to just go home instead of more hours in the van!

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