Monday, October 10, 2016

Dinner for 16!

I love Thanksgiving dinner and I find it to be one of the easiest meals to host. So much of the prep can be done the day before and so the day of the dinner is much more enjoyable. My dream is to one day have a big huge table with everyone around it but for now I have to settle for 2 table for 10:
and one table for 6:
I love Fall decorations too:
Dinner is served!
Turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, 2 kinds of stuffing (boxed and homemade), gravy, coleslaw, corn, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese (brought by my BIL and his girlfriend), salad (brought by my SIL), pickles, and buns:
and pie for dessert! Costco pumpkin pie and homemade French silk and homemade coconut cream pie with whip cream.
Our tables for 16 included: Conrad's parents:
Conrad's oldest brother and his wife and their 4 boys, Conrad's other brother and his girlfriend:
and for the first time ever we had a "significant other" in attendance. She got stuck at the "kids" table with all the boy cousins and Kaden. Who would have thought that Kaden would be the first of our children to bring a "date" to the family gathering. Kaden had been at her gathering yesterday and today she came to his.
Kiandra drove Maddy home after and I just had to snap a picture of these two in their matching jackets:
(Yes...he is a wee bit taller than her!) 

It makes me wonder how many will be around our table next Thanksgiving??

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