Thursday, September 8, 2016

Last first day of high school

Here's  Kezia on her first ever day of school:

She had no interest in going to preschool and so kindergarten was her first school experience. I remember dropping her off at school that morning and tearing up as I left knowing that I was leaving 2/3 of my kids at school and it was just me and Kaden walking home. 

Kezia went for the first staggered entry day and then later it was her turn to go every morning with Kiandra.

Then I blinked and this happened:

Since Kaden and I had to be at school on the other side of the city, Conrad was in charge of the "back to school" picture and when I texted Kezia after I got to school to see if Conrad had taken it, she texted back "uh oh". Before I could freak out, I received 11 photos from Conrad in front of our tree to capture the last back to school photo.

Kezia didn't even know that I had snapped a pic of her first ever day to post on instagram and many people commented that her style has not changed much with her striped top and pinkish/orangish skirt.

I also got this video of Kezia walking in for her last first day of classes. 

It's hard to believe that in just 10 months that we will have celebrate another end of our time at this high school. Conrad and I both graduated from this school and now Kiandra and Kezia will also have received their high school education from this school. 

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