Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Good things

It's volleyball season and that means many late nights at school because of Kaden's practices. There are so many people that say they can't imagine staying at school until 7:30 (or sometimes 9:30!) but there are so many good things about staying that late....

1. My classroom looks amazing:

2. Projects are planned, art is uploaded to,  and all my prep is done when I leave. 

3. I teach at a school that lets me stay late. Some teachers are kicked out early but I have my own alarm code to come and go as I please. Instead of just killing time and waiting for Kaden then I can get stuff done.

4. Sometimes, Kaden comes to my classroom between school and practice and we get to hang out. How much better does it get to hang with your teen son?? 

5. The season is short. As in the volleyball season...and high school season in general. One day I will be able to leave when I want to and I will miss having this time. 

Good things: volleyball - a sport my son enjoys, prep time - there's never enough of that, time with my son - I will take any that I can get.

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