Sunday, August 28, 2016

Walking and Praying

August always hits me with waves of nostalgia. September is kind of like a New Year and a new beginning. For years September has been a season of new chapters ever since Kiandra started preschool 15 (!!) years ago. It became a new chapter for me when I started back to university 12 (?!) years ago. Now as a teacher September will always be a new beginning as long as I welcome new students each year and begin a new year with them. When Kiandra graduated last year, a chapter closed. For the first time in her life, I didn't (and she didn't) know what the coming year would bring. Kezia is about to enter her last year of high school and when she graduates next June, her chapter will close and who knows what her road will be after that. Kaden is entering Grade 10. So strange to think that he only has two more years of course selections to make before he will graduate. 

This has been a summer of reflection. Conrad bought me a fitbit and I have been walking every day. I have logged over 100 miles this month. I have walked with my kids, with Conrad, and many of the walks have been by myself. I've used the time to pray. Pray for my kids. Pray for Conrad. Pray for my students. Pray for the future. Pray for the spouses of my children. Pray for health. Pray for plans. It's been a good time of walking and praying.

Someone posted this on facebook the other day:

as I realize how independent my kids are, and are becoming, this is so true. While I know that right now there are still times that I am needed, the reality is that my kids are closer to independence. Each day is another day closer. I'm thankful for the people my kids are becoming and I'm thankful that I can still pray (and walk!) for the things that are on my mind.  

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