Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday 13

13 Errands today:

1. Bank. Deposits and transfers. It's been so awesome to have reliable tenants in our rental house. We are pretty proud of our parenting skills and the decision to charge Kiandra 30% of her income as "housing" now that she is just working and not in school. This money, collected and paid by a cheque by her, will be placed into a "house fund" that she can use as a down payment on a house one day. It would be irresponsible of us as her parents to let her believe life comes without financial obligations like housing costs.

2. 7-Eleven. You know? We need to help add to the slurpee stats.

3. Superstore: to look at replacing the tv that stopped having a picture...not too enjoyable to just listen to the Olympics ;) but the tv they have in their ad will only be put on display tomorrow because superstore doesn't carry electronics all the time anymore.

4. Best Buy: more tv shopping.

5. Costco: more tv shopping and then realizing that we can't take the tv home in the car anyway and we need to come back for the car.

6. Costco: cheap lunch of shared poutine and pop.

7. Jewelry Store: Kezia stopped in to look at ordering a custom bracelet:

8. Costco: Back to Costco to actually buy the tv.

9. Costco: food can these kids eat!!

10. Church: Picking up Kaden from daycamp.

11. Mailbox: checking the mail of the day.

12. Home: Conrad installed our new tv in the basement rec room.

13. Home: Conrad worked on his blog post late this evening.

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