Monday, August 1, 2016

She's off again...

This morning, the rest of the fan was still camping and so Kiandra and I went for breakfast:

and got soaked by rain when we went back to the car:

The afternoon was spent packing and getting ready because Kiandra was asked to lifeguard on Saturday for the camp she served on their canoe trip last week. I can't believe all of the things that had to work together to make it possible for Kiandra to go to camp again this week. Our God is a big God and He makes the impossible possible.

First, Kezia had booked this week off for plans that ended up falling through. This left her available to take Kiandra's host shifts. Kiandra only had host shifts this week and her serving shifts are scheduled for the weekend. Work schedule cleared---check!

Then the camp is over 3 hours away and I didn't want to drive 3 hours there (after Kiandra's serving shift!) and then have to drive another 3 hours home after that. One idea I had was for someone from the camp to drive half way and I would drive half way and then we'd both other drive for 3 hours. Family friends heard about this and due to their week's plan they had an extra vehicle they offered Kiandra for the week! Ride to camp secured---check!

Tonight because both girls were working (Kezia as a host and Kiandra as a server) we went with Conrad's parents for supper:

Kiandra didn't think she'd work long and that was good because she still had a long drive ahead of her to camp. The longer she worked...the later she'd leave for camp. So we took our time eating and watching the girls work:

I was very nervous about Kiandra driving all that way by herself. However, while we were eating supper, I got a text asking if Kiandra had left yet. When I replied that she was still working, the director of the camp asked if she would be able to give another counsellor a ride to camp. So arrangements were made for her the drive out with another person. What a huge relief for me to know shed have someone to talk to and keep her awake during the long drive. Ride partner---check!

So finally, around 9:30 they set off for camp:

and like a good stalker mom, I checked in on her about an hour later and noticed on the "find my friends" app that she was not going the right way. When I called, the other person was able to answer the phone and then they redirected to the right way. Technology is amazing!

I watched some tv and had the cats to keep me company while I stalked Kiandra the whole ride out. 

and finally just after 1:00am I got the text that she had arrived at camp. I know I shouldn't worry as much as I do but I still do....What adventures will this week hold for her?

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