Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last and First

For the past 2 years I have been helping on Wednesday nights in summer (when we are not on vacation) with the day camp supper. There is usually 1 main person in charge of the meal and then a variety of different people helping out to get supper on the table and the clean up afterwards. I like volunteering on Wednesdays because Conrad works until 7 and so we are all finished by that time and this is a small way I can help out for our church's day camp.  Tonight was my last Wednesday supper of the year AND my first time being the one in charge instead of just a helper. I was thankful that Kiandra could come early with me for the prep:
and Kezia was off work in time to help with the serving. We fed abut 80 campers and staff tonight. The chicken fingers, fries, and veggies have been a big hit!

and tomorrow concludes the 6th week of day camp and the final Wednesday supper serving opportunity. Next week is Junior High week and they go out to a coin for the sleepover and so there is no supper to be served.
I look forward to serving again next summer!

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