Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello father and son working together today
Hello updates from Conrad of what Kaden is up to at work

Hello tough decision whether to go to school or not
Hello invitation to the pool
Hello best of both--little bit of school + little bit of pool
Hello (finally!) being added as an administrator for the school Facebook page
Hello putting up the "welcome back" bulletin board
Hello first post as an admin

Hello crossing a few more things off the school "to-do" list
Hello classroom--you are coming together!

Hello pool time!
Hello catching up and getting ready to say goodbye
Hello what might be the last super nice day of summer :(

Hello feeling slightly guilty about lounging by the pool while Conrad works:

Hello  all the customers  who are likely by the pool or at the beach too ;)

Hello 2 more weeks of summer break
Hello Monday

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