Saturday, August 6, 2016

Get a Job.... Shan- na- na na!

Kaden retired from flyers a few years ago after accumulated quite a sizeable amount in his bank account. He added a bit of money from his dog walking job in middle school and he's reffed a few volleyball games but he doesn't nearly have the same access to regular funds like the girls did because they babysat regularly before they started their jobs at Smitty's. Over the last while between Mexico and other various purchases his bank account has suffered.

At Conrad's job they have begun to accumulate some trivial jobs that need to be done but don't really require any skill or talent to do them ;) Today, Kaden went in for a few hours to clean, organize, empty garbages, crush the recycling:

 and do some sweeping and vacuuming:

For the rest of the summer, Kaden will put in a few hours when they need him and this will help Kaden build his bank account up a bit!

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