Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday to-do list

Drive Kiandra to her life guard job interview- check!

drop off a bag at the thrift store while Kiandra is at the interview -check!

find this hamper that might work as a recess toy bin in my classroom...think about buying it.....

Pick Kiandra up and head to Starbucks- check!

Use my free drink to buy a caramel waffle cone frap -check!

Shop for school supplies at Staples-check!

Register for a 6 week class that Kiandra and I will take this fall -check!

Pick up Little Caesars pizza for lunch in my classroom-check!

Four hours of classroom prep and Kiandra's help to leave the class looking like this-check!

drop Kiandra off at work-check!

go back to buy that hamper-check!

Turn it into this-check!

Go on a 4 mile walk to end the day-check!

1 comment:

Janice Penner said...

Loved her interview shirt �� And love the recess hamper!

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