Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday 5

Here are 5 of my latest favourites:

1. Perkins' French Silk Pie...not so good for the waist but so good....Conrad and I *may* have had a piece of this pie 3 times in the last few months. *gasp*

2. Banana Boat after sun lotion. This lotion totally rocks! We bought it in Vegas after getting a wee bit crispy when sitting around the pool and this was what the bottle looked like after 5 days. It's a great cream to use to keep in your tan colour and it's not greasy at all when you apply it. I will be looking for this when I head down to the States this week.

3. Aveeno tinted moisturizer: Speaking of skin care, my friend Sheralyn recommended this moisturizer and I really love it. It has become a morning staple for me.

4. I totally fell for this chocolate bar  on our trip to Vegas this summer. I am glad it's not available here although it probably could be duplicated as a homemade snack....

5. Lemon and Lime Gelato. Yum. *Almost* equal to my love of Menchie's....almost. 

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