Friday, August 5, 2016


Kezia and I did some errands today after dropping Kaden off at the church for day camp.

We stopped at a thrift store to drop off some donations and popped in to see what they had in store. My friend Janice is starting in a new classroom and is looking for some furniture. I happened to find these bookcases for $10 and $8.

She told me to buy them. I found the item I had been looking for: a cat carrier of our own (I have borrowed one from Janice to bring Jewels home and this one was tagged at $10. These metal baskets will hopefully be more long-lasting for my classroom than the plastic ones I seem to replace every other year. They were tagged at $1.50 each.

These items were already a great price but today everything in the store was an additional % off and so the total for all of these items was $24. Awesome!

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