Monday, August 15, 2016


It's been an unpredictable experience being the Mom of an adult. I didn't know Kiandra would spend part of this year in France. I didn't know that she would finish her NLS. I didn't know that within a few days of getting her NLS that she would be off on a canoe trip. I didn't know that she would be back again to serve for another week. I also didn't know that she would be asked again to serve for their age 5 & 6 camp for the first few days of this week. But last night she left again. This time she drove our van but again she was able to have a passenger to accompany her on the 3 hour trip.

One thing I am learning to understand is that life with adult children is full of unexpected things. Kiandra will return tomorrow and who knows what she will be doing next.

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