Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello last Monday in July *ack*
Hello early morning rise to get Kaden to day camp for 7:30
Hello text from Kiandra
Hello twinsies

Hello day with Kez
Hello lunch for 2 for under $7

Hello stop at IKEA
Hello spending the rest of my gift card from my last year's students
Hello new mat, new decorations, and cinnamon buns of course
Hello back to costco
Hello fruit and other goodies to stock up for the week
Hello cheesecake for an early supper for me and Kez
Hello Hawaiian for me and chocolate for her:

Hello Conrad's reaction to our meal:

Hello dropping Kezia off at work

Hello picking Kaden up from day camp
Hello gorgeous evening walk to pick Kezia up from work and get in our steps.

Hello Monday

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