Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!!
Hello first official day of Summer Vacation!
Hello ... internal clock waking me up at my usual time.

Hello city truck
Hello new trees for all the ones they ripped out
Hello new view

Hello downtown invitation for Kezia
Hello architect firm visit
Hello tour
Hello questions and answers
Hello possibilities for the future
Hello (overdue) hair date for me
Hello last visit to my hair stylist
Hello move for her
Hello search for new stylist begins

Hello (overdue) haircut for Kaden
Hello sneaky paparazzi Mom
Hello not so sneaky and still caught
Hello last visit for Kaden too...he'll need a cut before I will!
Hello dinner invitation
Hello evening in the inlays
Hello dessert tray *gasp*
Hello walk home to burn off the calories and get in my steps.
Hello Monday

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