Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Friday!

Princeton and Juilliard are starting to get along better. There's still the occasional need to break them up and we still separate them when we leave or at night but I think they are starting to get along.Today they took a drink together:

and looked outside together:
It's hard to believe how far they have come in just under 2 weeks.

Today Kiandra returned from the canoe trip; her first lifeguarding job. I was very curious as to what her experience would be on this adventure. Kezia worked in the morning and then Kaden let me know that he was going to a staff party for all the leaders at day camp and  didn't need to be picked up until later. This gave Kezia and I some time to stop at the mall:

and then pick up A & W for a picnic supper while we waited to meet Kiandra at the drop off point:
From all accounts, Kiandra had really enjoyed herself. The weather was nice. She ended up being with one of the girls who had been on the mission trip with Kezia and Kaden and so that was good too. Kiandra constantly surprises me. Her willingness to embrace every opportunity as an adventure is so inspiring. I wonder what adventures lie ahead for her???

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