Friday, July 22, 2016

comings and goings

My mom booked me for a day of errands. She doesn't drive and so she needed me to take her to a few places. Since I had a gift card from my students, I took her out for lunch.

Kiandra babysat my nephews during the day. Drove the younger ones to art camp, drove the oldest one back to our house because Kaden was finally awake and then Kaden went back to their house for a sleepover and Kiandra went to work. Kezia spent the day at the beach with her friends.

Since all three kids weren't home for supper, Conrad and I went out for supper using a gift card from one of his customers. Kezia joined us there for dessert (It looked pretty funny that she was sitting in Earls with a Boston Pizza take out box with her leftovers!

I was short on my steps today and so I walked home from the restaurant and stopped in to see if Kiandra was almost finished and the restaurant was almost empty and so I knew she'd be done soon:
When she was finished we walked home together with another friend who finished at the same time and lives along our route home.

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