Friday, July 15, 2016

Bonus Day

Conrad took a bonus day off today before he returns to work tomorrow. Kezia and Kaden are still in Mexico and we've been enjoying their daily updates via email. Kiandra had her last day of her Lifeguard training and her final exam in the course. She was hoping that she would pass after putting in over 40 hours of time this week and giving up a week of hours at the restaurant. We got this in the morning:
and after lunch we got this:
She did it! I wonder what opportunities will open with this newly acquired skill??

Conrad did some errands, like washing his car:

And then he did some jobs around the house. When Conrad was mowing the lawn he found a surprise in Kaden's hockey net:
a bunny "nest" with about 5 new bunnies in it and he was glad he didn't mow them over!

In the evening, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law celebrated their 10th anniversary and we took their boys for the night. We tired them out a bit by taking them to Conrad's parent's pool for the evening. 

Tomorrow Conrad goes back to work...*sigh* it was nice to have him home while it lasted...

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