Sunday, July 31, 2016

Goal reached!

Kiandra and I went out for lunch after church. The sun was in my eyes but Kiandra looks great (as always!)

Kiandra had to work at 2:30 and so I decided to go for a walk to get in my steps for the day. I have really been finding my fitbit motivating to get in 10000 steps each day.

My goal was to get in my 10000 steps during the day so that Kiandra and I could veg out and watch tv in the evening. However, the weather was so nice and I had the time that I continued my walk. It wasn't long before I realized I was about 30 minutes more away from reaching one of the goals I had for this summer: Walk 20000 steps in one day. I actually thought I'd reach that on our anniversary trip but I guess we ended up doing a fair bit of lounging by the pool. Even our Disneyland day was only 17000 steps.

Today I did it: 20000 steps and a 10 mile walk on a beautiful day:

Thumbs up to that!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I love NOT camping

This evening, Conrad, Kezia, and Kaden were off on their camping adventure. Kiandra and I were happy to just stay home. For the second time this year, the weather forecast looked amazing.
Kiandra worked until almost 9:30 and so I had most of the evening to myself and I caught up on some jobs around the house and I did enjoy getting this snaps from their campsite:

Kiandra and I went for Gelato after she was done work and then we watched some PVR'd shows before bed. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Friday!

Princeton and Juilliard are starting to get along better. There's still the occasional need to break them up and we still separate them when we leave or at night but I think they are starting to get along.Today they took a drink together:

and looked outside together:
It's hard to believe how far they have come in just under 2 weeks.

Today Kiandra returned from the canoe trip; her first lifeguarding job. I was very curious as to what her experience would be on this adventure. Kezia worked in the morning and then Kaden let me know that he was going to a staff party for all the leaders at day camp and  didn't need to be picked up until later. This gave Kezia and I some time to stop at the mall:

and then pick up A & W for a picnic supper while we waited to meet Kiandra at the drop off point:
From all accounts, Kiandra had really enjoyed herself. The weather was nice. She ended up being with one of the girls who had been on the mission trip with Kezia and Kaden and so that was good too. Kiandra constantly surprises me. Her willingness to embrace every opportunity as an adventure is so inspiring. I wonder what adventures lie ahead for her???

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Where are we going?! To the Beach!

We took my 3 youngest nephews to the beach today with Kezia. It was a lovely day...not quite Vegas weather but still pretty nice...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Doughnuts, Thrifting, and Gelato

With Kaden at day camp and Kiandra on a canoe trip, Kezia and I had the day to ourselves. We stopped for doughnuts:

and then we went thrifting:

We were so busy thrifting that we were a bit late for my Wednesday night supper volunteer job at church. Thankfully, because Kezia wasn't working she was able to come and join me and we still got everything done before the campers were ready for supper. Since Kaden was staying at church for the sleepover, we were able to treat Kezia for dessert and she got to enjoy being an only child for the day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Treasures

Kezia is babysitting my nephews today and I started going through some old boxes in our basement. I found a collection of photos from Conrad's mom that I couldn't help but post on instagram. He was always a cutie and I sure see some of our kids in him:
Looking through old photos is such a walk down memory lane. It's hard to remember our kids being this small and super excited to surprise Conrad on Valentine's day. They were obviously ready for bed (in their jammies) and often they were in bed already by the time Conrad came home from work. This was likely a special occasion and they were anxious for a piece of cake before they went to bed.
These girls were off to a princess party at a friends way back when Kezia was quite a bit shorter than Kiandra
and here's an oldie from 20 years ago (on August 10) when our friends Melanie and Jason got married and Conrad and I were in their wedding party. We didn't know it then but we were already pregnant with Kiandra in this picture. I thought the dress gave me great cleavage and it turns out in was early pregnancy hormones, lol! It would be another 18 days before we would find out that we were going to be parents.

I'm thankful for photos and the memories they hold.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello last Monday in July *ack*
Hello early morning rise to get Kaden to day camp for 7:30
Hello text from Kiandra
Hello twinsies

Hello day with Kez
Hello lunch for 2 for under $7

Hello stop at IKEA
Hello spending the rest of my gift card from my last year's students
Hello new mat, new decorations, and cinnamon buns of course
Hello back to costco
Hello fruit and other goodies to stock up for the week
Hello cheesecake for an early supper for me and Kez
Hello Hawaiian for me and chocolate for her:

Hello Conrad's reaction to our meal:

Hello dropping Kezia off at work

Hello picking Kaden up from day camp
Hello gorgeous evening walk to pick Kezia up from work and get in our steps.

Hello Monday

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Proverbs 16:9

I am a planner. I like to know stuff. I like the details. However, I have learned "we can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Kiandra is more of a "fly by the seat of her pants" kind of girl. She truly lives by the motto "It will all work out in the end and so why worry about it" and the funny thing is that for her, it usually does work out in the end.

Kiandra earned her NLS on July 15 and as a proud Mom I posted it on Facebook and it didn't take long for requests from people about the need for camp lifeguards to come in the comments and in personal messages. Kiandra is not really a camper. She is usually my trusty sidekick when Conrad takes the other 2 camping. She briefly considered going to be a camp lifeguard but didn't really do anything about it.

A few days ago, Kiandra got a text from someone at our church that a camp 3 hours away was in desperate need of a lifeguard for a canoe trip. When Kiandra told me about it, I literally laughed out loud and she looked at me and said "What?" and I said "YOU would consider going on a canoe trip??!!" and she smiled and said, "well, I could....if I can switch my shifts for that week" and so the process began.

She had 4 shifts to change but it was going to be hard because now as a server, it limited the number of people she could ask. Also, it's summer and many people already have things booked off. Late last night she still only had 2 of the 4 covered. It didn't look like it was going to happen since the canoe trip was scheduled to begin today. All evening I kept asking her questions about the canoe trip and if she was able to get ahold of the people she needed to. I asked her whether I would have to drive her (it's a 6 hour round trip). I kept asking and finally she said, "Mom!! You are stressing out too much and you just need to relax!" Of course, I was still worried and concerned but I really felt that Kiandra was supposed to go on this trip and I prayed specifically that if she was meant to go on this trip that all her shifts would be covered AND that she would be able to find a ride to the camp as well. I shouldn't have been surprised when Kiandra sent me a text at 1:00am to ask if I was still awake. The last person responded (she was closing last night) and all of her shifts were now covered and she was texting back and forth with someone who could get her to the camp if we could drop her off in a small town along the highway.

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. So she talked to her friend Kara who has canoe trip experience. She talked to a Mom from our church who has 2 sons working at that camp. She stopped to buy a poncho and bug spray and she packed:

It's hard to believe this is all she is bringing for a week!

I started to ask questions about the week:

Do you know where you are going?
Who is picking you up?
Do you know them?
(Are they an axe murderer?)
When does the canoe trip end?
What time are you done?
Am I picking you up?
Do you need money for snacks along the road?
Do you have money to give for gas?
Do you know that a canoe trip is in the wilderness with no wifi or electricity???

and Kiandra just told me to relax and stop stressing because it would be "An Adventure" and that she wasn't worried and so neither should I....easier said than done!

We met her ride in a gas station parking lot (and he didn't LOOK like an axe murderer!) and she took her stuff out of our trunk and loaded up her stuff into his trunk.

This guy even suggested that we stop and pray for safety and for the campers. He led us in prayer and Conrad and I hugged Kiandra, then Kiandra hopped into his car, and away they drove:

This week will be an adventure for sure! I can't wait to see what God has planned for this week and the stories Kiandra will bring home when she returns....whenever that may be because she wasn't even sure when that would be.....

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Making friends

Their relationship is improving...

They can get a bit closer to each other without the little one hissing the whole time...

Princeton still prefers just spending time with us alone without the pesky kitten. This is where I found him with Kiandra after she fell asleep this evening. He is such a cuddle cat. I hope the kitten becomes one too.

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