Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Our 20th Anniversary

Conrad and I have had a tradition that every other anniversary the other person would plan our where were would go to celebrate. Conrad plans the odd years and I plan the even ones. This was my year to plan and I had something big in mind for this milestone anniversary.

Surprise number 1: A few years ago, I got a gift card from my Grade 1 friends to a very fancy hotel and it just happened to be the exact same hotel that we stayed at for our honeymoon night. I thought that our 20th anniversary was a perfect time to finally cash it in. So I booked the room for June 1-2.

Surprise number 2: Each year the teachers at my school can "earn" a personal day if we spend 40 contact hours with students. Since I do the yearbook and supervise badminton I have banked enough hours to get a "free day" off. So I booked my day off for June 2....and somehow managed to keep it a secret!

Surprise number 3: Exercise and diet helped me to get into my wedding dress for my next surprise....a 20th anniversary photo shoot. I asked my friend Roberta (who has done our family pics for the last 2 years) if she would be free to pull off a surprise for Conrad. She agreed to be a part of my plan and REALLY helped me out when the zipper of my dress (from too many tight squeezes over the last few weeks) broke and she had to pin me into my dress for the photo shoot.

I checked into the room after school, dropped off my dress and some props for the photo shoot and then drove home.

Then Kiandra did my hair, and I packed a suitcase for me and for Conrad to take to the hotel. Conrad had been told that we would be going somewhere fancy (he did know we where going out but he didn't know where) and that he should get really dressed up. I told him that I would text him with further instructions.  Kiandra drove me back to the hotel, went to pick up our supper, and I got dressed:

Conrad arrived, picked up the supper Kiandra had brought for us, and then I texted him the room number. He was quite surprised to see Roberta when he got to the room and he was very surprised to see me all dressed up. I totally managed to surprise him!

Roberta did our photo shoot with some pictures in the room, some in the hotel, some in the same spot we had posed for pics 20 years ago, and because the rain finally stopped we took some outside too. I had Roberta snap this one quickly with my phone as we were walking to our next location. It was fun to see the looks on people's faces as we walked by in my "vintage" gown...on a Wednesday night....holding big 2 and 0 balloons and other props.

Surprise number 4: The hotel sent this cheese board as a snack with a card that said they hoped this adds to the romance of our stay. It was a nice touch:

I missed this prop during our photo shoot so we quickly snapped it before we got changed and went to the pool and steam room...also a nice touch to our stay.

Surprise number 5: Pizza subs from subway for supper. On our wedding day, we had McDonald's for lunch after getting our photos done before the ceremony and by the time our meal came we were not hungry. However, we were starving by the time we were heading to the hotel and so we grabbed subs on the way there. I thought it was a fitting meal to have tonight too.

I managed to keep the whole thing a secret (even rescheduling appointments, arranging Kiandra to drive Kaden to school, and planning for my sub) and I pulled it off....and even kept some surprises for the next day too ;)


LaughingLady said...

Nicely done! What a great way to celebrate!!

LaughingLady said...

Nicely done! What a great way to celebrate!!

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