Monday, June 6, 2016


Hello Monday
Hello 17 days left of this school year
Hello mega assessment time
Hello---two students away on vacation??!!

Hello crazy June
Hello lists and more lists
Hello long to do list
Hello will it all get done?

Hello plans for the Mexico mission trip
Hello carnival booth plan
Hello prizes needed
Hello 200 bouncy balls ordered
Hello 150 pencils ordered
Hello check mark on the to do list

Hello awesome supper making Kiandra
Hello dinner waiting when we get home
Hello spoiled

Hello errand night
Hello Kiandra -thanks for tagging along
Hello stop at Dollarama
Hello cue cards-check
Hello stop at Thrift store
Hello donation drop off-check
Hello mandatory staff board meeting
Hello 43 minutes I won't get back ;)
Hello grocery shopping-check
Hello Monday
Hello great start to the week!

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