Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello first day of Summer
Hello first and second exam for Kaden
Hello second exam for Kezia
Hello encouragement:

Hello no milk
Hello no iced java to start the day
Hello stop at 7-11 for iced coffee
Hello 7th free drink
Hello Grade 1 friends
Hello last 8 days together
Hello 8 more expert projects to go!

Hello Kaden
Hello stopping by to borrow a calculator
Hello and thank you Miss Braun for having one

Hello celebratory text from Kez
Hello one more exam for her
Hello studying

Hello text from Kaden
Hello text: "I'm bussing home"
Hello text to his coach for a ride
Hello plans to stay late to work on report cards

Hello staff meeting after school
Hello never good news at a staff meeting after school
Hello cancer-you suck
Hello prayers said
Hello reminder that God uses these times to keep us close
Hello Bible blog timely connection for my post that I wrote yesterday
Hello God who is STILL the same today, yesterday and tomorrow

Hello organizing
Hello procrastinating
Hello 1 report card down and 22 to go

Hello study date for Kez and her friends at our house
Hello grocery stop on the way home
Hello ice cream on sale
Hello perfect study snack
Hello always picking the slowest line


Hello Conrad also making a grocery stop
Hello 2 jugs of milk
Hello 2 bunches of bananas
Hello great minds think alike

Hello hearing the news of a ball hockey game loss
Hello end of the season
Hello Summer
Hello Monday...Hello!

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