Friday, June 24, 2016


Our principal had told us that the deadline for completed report cards was today at 3:30. I had completed 13 during the evenings this week and I had 10 left for today's report card writing day at school. I had a goal to finish by 2:30 but that didn't quite happen. I had in my mind that 3:25 was the deadline when I sent this:
But then realized I was actually 3 minutes early! Go me!

Then I worked on the next item on my to-do list:
before finally heading home:
Conrad, Kezia, and Kaden were off to the church camping weekend:

 and Kiandra worked until 9:30 and then we went for a late "supper" and then went home for the night. There was a huge thunderstorm at night and I was so glad I decided to stay home this weekend instead of going camping.

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