Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Exactly what she wanted...

Kezia had outgrown her bike and was looking to replace it with a cruiser style bike. She sold her old bike on Kijiji and began searching for bikes with very specific criteria:

pastel colour--preferably blue
no hand brakes
wide handles
neutral paint with no fancy decals or designs
front and rear fenders
no funky colours on the tires
with a basket or a bike that would work with her current basket
not $600

She looked and looked and today a bike came up with all the things she wanted. I looked at it on my way home from school and we facetimed so she could "shop" with me. She even got a $10 discount offered since the back tire had a flat in the inner tube. It was exactly what she was looking for!
The inner tube was a $5.49 fix and Conrad will attach the basket soon and then it will be exactly the bike she was hoping for...even the perfect colour. Not bad for $140!

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