Sunday, June 5, 2016

Church picnic

It was our church picnic today. Instead of having the picnic at our church in the morning, we had the event in the afternoon at our sponsor church  in the core area of the city. We were asked to ride the bus to the church to make sure there was not a huge influx of vehicles in the area which would cause annoyance so it was a bus ride on our church youth bus to get there. It was fortunate that Kezia just finished working in time to join us on the bus and she captured the moment:
Kiandra was taking her Bronze Cross and so she wasn't able to join us until just as the event was winding down. However, Kaden invited a friend to join us and so we still were able to have the 5 people we signed up when we volunteered to help canvas the area with invitations

We delivered invitations to about 25 homes in the neighbourhood and then waited for the picnic to begin. We were able to tour a few old museums while we waited that were staffed with volunteer guides. I think they were surprised by the influx of visitors to their museums today!

There was a worship service, games (like a balloon toss), and a supper of pork on a bun, coleslaw, and watermelon that was enjoyed by all. The line for the ice cream went around the block! 

Kiandra passed her Bronze Cross course and came just in time to serve up some ice cream:

Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy the whole event without the rain that threatened to cut the event short. This was definitely out of our comfort zone as we do not often venture out of our familiar suburbs but it was good for us to stretch that comfort zone just a little bit today. 

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