Wednesday, June 8, 2016

20th anniversary photo shoot

It was our staff BBQ this evening and a time to say goodbye to some of our staff who won't be back this fall. It's sad to see these chapters close. However, you just never know what will open again. My friend Janice, who left our school two years ago will be returning to our other campus next year to teach grade 2. My friend Roberta is one of the ones who is leaving and I'm so sorry that Roberta won't be returning to our school when her maternity leave ends.Tonight at the BBQ Roberta handed me the disc of our photos from our photo shoot last week. They turned out awesome! Even if I don't get to see Roberta as often as before, I know I'll be hiring her to capture some photos of our family in the future! Thanks Roberta for these awesome shots...they are even more fun than I imagined they'd be!

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