Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last day

Last day of my 7th (??!!) year of teaching Grade 1. It's hard to believe...
Last time doing our calendar routine. We always need to do calendar...even on the last day...Grade 1s just love their routines, lol:
Last day to give a token thank you to my yearbook team:
Last day of being spoiled by this years' awesome families:
Last days and goodbyes are hard for me. I don't like saying goodbyes. I don't like it. I usually don't sleep well leading up the last day and that makes it hard for me (who cries easily anyway) to hold it together. The day was not without tears but as I reflected on the year writing reports and making my Grade 1 DVDs I know that this year has been such a good year of growth and change for these little people and I'm thankful for my job working with them each day. Goodbye 2015-2016 school year! Hello Summer....well almost...yearbook deadline still looms ....

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kezia's first big purchase

Kezia has worked as a host since December and she has been a careful money manager. Even as a regular babysitter and nanny, she is good at saving and doesn't make any big purchases....or small ones either. She is just a saver. However, as she is planning to head to Mexico on a youth missions trip next week and she is planning not to bring her phone (her only camera) she decided to splurge on a Go-Pro to take with her to capture some of the memories from her trip. She ordered it online on Monday and it was on the doorstep (??!!) when we arrived home from school today.

She plans to spend the next couple of days figuring out how it works and then packing it up to take with her next week.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last field trip

It was my last school field trip (a walk to the local library) today. I always like to make roll kuchen and serve watermelon as a snack for when we return to school after our library visit. I also make sure to make a few to show them how to make them and also:
It was a nice walk, a nice visit to the library, and a nice day to snack on this delicious Mennonite treat when we got back to school:

Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Retirement

 Our librarian Linda is retiring at the end of this year. Linda was hired at the same time as I was in 2009. She has been an amazing support for us at school and it's hard to imagine her not being there in the fall. This evening we celebrated Linda's retirement with a supper get together and the weather was perfect to dine on the patio:
All the best to you Linda as you move on from our school into a new chapter. You will be missed!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy Graduation Meguire!

It's grad season!! Today we celebrated the graduation of our family friend Meguire as she finishes high school this week. Her grad party had a Dr. Seuss theme "Oh the Places You'll Go!" and we even got to sign a copy of the book with our wishes:
Meguire's Mom had even planned a photo booth:
It was a fun way to celebrate this milestone with Meguire and her family:
and the theme came together perfectly:
and the cake was amazing!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016


Our principal had told us that the deadline for completed report cards was today at 3:30. I had completed 13 during the evenings this week and I had 10 left for today's report card writing day at school. I had a goal to finish by 2:30 but that didn't quite happen. I had in my mind that 3:25 was the deadline when I sent this:
But then realized I was actually 3 minutes early! Go me!

Then I worked on the next item on my to-do list:
before finally heading home:
Conrad, Kezia, and Kaden were off to the church camping weekend:

 and Kiandra worked until 9:30 and then we went for a late "supper" and then went home for the night. There was a huge thunderstorm at night and I was so glad I decided to stay home this weekend instead of going camping.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Procrastination vs Being Prepared

A fine line between procrastination and being ready for the future:
I'm always waiting for the computer lab to be up and running in September and so today (while procrastinating on report cards) I printed out what I will need in September.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goodbye Tree

We saw the spray paint on the tree in our front yard a few days ago. No note, no warning, nothing but that little green mark of paint. We didn't know that this was why until Kezia sent me this snap story:

and just like that...the tree was removed. Gone. So sad. Although I'm sad they removed that tree because I love the bright red leaves in the fall, Kezia reminded me that it would have been worse if it had been our other tree because that's our "first day of school" tree and we have 3 more years of "firsts" to capture!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I love giving my kids a little encouragement for exam is the last exam of Grade 11 (Pre-Cal) for Kezia and the last exam  of Grade 9 (Science) for Kaden.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
Hello first day of Summer
Hello first and second exam for Kaden
Hello second exam for Kezia
Hello encouragement:

Hello no milk
Hello no iced java to start the day
Hello stop at 7-11 for iced coffee
Hello 7th free drink
Hello Grade 1 friends
Hello last 8 days together
Hello 8 more expert projects to go!

Hello Kaden
Hello stopping by to borrow a calculator
Hello and thank you Miss Braun for having one

Hello celebratory text from Kez
Hello one more exam for her
Hello studying

Hello text from Kaden
Hello text: "I'm bussing home"
Hello text to his coach for a ride
Hello plans to stay late to work on report cards

Hello staff meeting after school
Hello never good news at a staff meeting after school
Hello cancer-you suck
Hello prayers said
Hello reminder that God uses these times to keep us close
Hello Bible blog timely connection for my post that I wrote yesterday
Hello God who is STILL the same today, yesterday and tomorrow

Hello organizing
Hello procrastinating
Hello 1 report card down and 22 to go

Hello study date for Kez and her friends at our house
Hello grocery stop on the way home
Hello ice cream on sale
Hello perfect study snack
Hello always picking the slowest line


Hello Conrad also making a grocery stop
Hello 2 jugs of milk
Hello 2 bunches of bananas
Hello great minds think alike

Hello hearing the news of a ball hockey game loss
Hello end of the season
Hello Summer
Hello Monday...Hello!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

This Dad is "all that and a bag of chips"
We stopped for a quick lunch:

and in the evening was Kezia's last game of the regular season:
Again, as has been the norm all season, Kezia's team was short players. They had 7 on the field and a goalie and the other team had 10. It looked like they didn't have a chance...
Especially when the other team scored the first 2 goals.
But they didn't give up and they played hard.
A hand ball against the other team gave Kezia's team their first real shot on net and they scored! Another mistake resulted in another shot and goal!
Then Kezia was knocked down and her team was given another penalty shot and they scored again to make it 3-2 and the game ended in a win!!
What a great end to the season! One of Kezia's teammates brought a treat to end off the season:

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