Saturday, May 7, 2016


Thanks to the wonder of technology, I was able to virtually accompany Kiandra on her journey home... She left early in the morning from Rome:

and I was able to see her walk right out to the plane as she left:
First leg: Rome to Paris to pick up a suitcase and then continue on her journey home.
We heard it was going to be a tight connection in Paris. It was even tighter because Kiandra would have to exit the security to get her big suitcase and then go back through customs to check her bag. I had dozed off for a few hours but woke up without an alarm to catch these photo updates:

and I breathed a sigh of relief to get this:
I stayed awake until her flight left Paris and then I went back to sleep. It was so hard to believe she was finally on her way home!
I went to the school for a couple of hours to kill time and I was able to text her a bit during her 6 hour layover to come home and it was so good to know that she was on her way. Finally...we were off to the airport to pick her up. The longest wait was knowing her plane had landed and she was going to be walking towards us at any minute...until she never showed up!
I could tell by the Find my Friends app that she was there but she was delayed by security for an extra 45 minutes as they emptied her suitcase (underwear and all!) and asked her lots of questions. At last, they thanked her for her time and then let her go....

Kezia and her friend Jenna had used these same signs to welcome Kara (Jenna's sister) when Kara arrived earlier this evening. Kezia's sign was reversable to read "Longest 13 days of my Life" on the reverse. Another of the "7 sisters" Ally was also there to welcome Kiandra back.
Of course we had to pose a few photos before heading home:

She. Is. Home.

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Sonya said...

Love this post - cute photos!

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