Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feeling hot! hot! hot!

It was a day of record breaking temperatures! Even at 9:15 this morning we were already 23 degrees! It was a hot and sticky bus ride to our field trip to Home Depot this afternoon but I am never going complain about the heat!

Even when we arrived at Kezia's evening soccer game it was still hot:

So I volunteered to be the flag person because often on my day to do it then it is cold and raining.  
Kezia's team was not very excited to be playing in the heat. They are still short a few players and had a few who couldn't make it to tonight's game so they ended up playing 2 players short all game. The other team had their whole roster and 4 subs to switch off. Kezia's team held them at 2-1 going into the second half but then the tiredness set in and the final score was 7-1. I think Kezia's team only had 2 or 3 chances to score and they did score on one of those chances. Hopefully they can at least get enough players to play a full team for the next game.
Kezia's friend Jenna had come out to watch the game and so we went for froyo after the game. i could get used to sitting on the sidelines in the heat!

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