Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Winner! Winner!

I won!

Last week I saw that one of the instagram accounts that I follow was giving away a necklace and the post said to tag someone in the comments. I tagged my friend Melanie because she had just had a birthday. My name was picked and I was excited to win it for her but a little jealous because Jolie Handmade Jewellery's recent more delicate pieces had been catching my eye lately. I didn't realize that the giveaway was for two necklaces and that Melanie and I would BOTH get one!

Today when I got home from a baby shower welcoming a new baby born to one of my teacher peeps, this was waiting for me in the mailbox (yup someone actually checked it today!)

So exciting to win such a nice prize!! A few weeks ago, Kezia won these spoons by commenting on an instagram giveaway post's been a winning kind of month!

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