Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday 5

Five of my current favs:

1.The kids and Conrad bought me a soda stream for Mother's Day. However,  after a few uses and being disappointed each time because it was not very fizzy I asked if I could trade it for something I'd really use and they said yes. Here's what I got instead:
and it's awesome! I love the way it chopped up frozen fruit for smoothies and I like the individual cups blender size too.

2. Summer Temperatures! Although I still like it warmer than 30...or even 40...having a few days lately near 30 degrees is awesome and it isn't even June yet!

3. Now that summer temperatures are upon us, it's salad weather and this dressing is one of my favourites. I first found it randomly at Menards while looking for something else and only bought one bottle. I have since made trips specifically to buy more of this dressing. Yum!
4. I have been out of this seasoning for a long time and forgot how much I like it. Kiandra has been doing more than her fair share of cooking lately and she has been using it often too.

5. If you have seen me often over the last few months, chances are that you have seen me wear these earrings. I bought them at a Farmer's Market a few summers ago and I totally love them. They are so easy to wear and have no backings to lose!

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