Monday, April 11, 2016

For the Love of the Arts

Tonight was Kaden's high school's arts event featuring bands, choirs, drama, dance, and an art exhibit. Kezia came out to the evening as well and before the show we went for supper to Quizno's:

This picture caught my eye as I thought about Kiandra heading to England next week and it wasn't until later in the evening when I realized it was done by Kaden's friend Jen.

It was a great evening and really entertaining as we listened and watched the talented performers. Kaden played with the Grade 9 band:
It was probably one of the most enjoyable band events that I have been at.
We must have been enjoying it because Kaden sent this to us as he was sitting in the balcony after his numbers were finished:
I loved this picture that Kezia took after she realized that she and Conrad were wearing similar outfits:

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