Tuesday, April 19, 2016

And she's off

That's the end. Today was the end of Kiandra's time as a Nanny. She left on January 31 and has been with the family since she arrived the next day. She has had a great experience living abroad and she has been a wonderful help to the family during her stay. Today she moves on to new adventures. Kiandra can stay in the EU for 90 days without a visa. When we booked her flights we maximized this time and she was scheduled to come home on day 90. However, Kiandra's friend Kara was looking into possibly joining her to do some traveling after writing her last exam at the end of April. In order to not go over the 90 days, Kiandra has to leave the EU and spend a week outside of it in order to pause her time and give her a week of travel with Kara when Kara arrives after her exam. Since England is not part of the EU, Kiandra has chosen to spend a week there by herself before Kara arrives and then they will meet up and travel together.

Yup. Kiandra is off the England. Alone. *gulp*

Thanks to find my friends and free wifi at the airport I was able to connect with Kiandra after she took the train from Rennes to the airport.

A few hours later I checked her flight and saw that it had arrived in London.

Her flight arrived at 4:36pm which is 10:36am our time. I expected to hear from Kiandra after she landed and it was perfect because I was on a recess break when she landed. I didn't hear from her. By lunch time I was getting a little worried. The homestay we had booked said that it was about 40 minutes from the airport she landed at. Even factoring in waiting for the tube and finding her way, I expected that by the time lunch was over that I would hear from her. I didn't hear from her. I had a prep later in the day and still there was no word from Kiandra. 

When I arrived in yearbook after school. A message from Kiandra finally came through and it was two words...I'm lost. 

When I used the "find my friend" app then I saw that Kiandra was at the location where her homestay was and Kiandra told me that now she was at the homestay.

Yikes! I guess Kiandra had gone to the wrong address and thankfully they were able to let her call Pamela--the homestay host--and Pamela actually went there to pick her up. I'm so glad Kiandra decided to do the homestay because I know a hotel wouldn't have gone to pick her up from another address! She had finally arrived and this Mom could relax...a little bit :)

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