Thursday, April 21, 2016

13 things I did today

1. Woke up to this snap chat message of Kiandra redy to hit the London attractions today:
2. was awake when Conrad, Kezia, and Kaden left early for dentist appointments at 7:30am.

3. wondered how Kaden was doing as he had spent the last two weeks dreading the doctor's appointment after the dentist appointment.

4. got this snap chat of Kaden getting his immunization for the Mexico mission trip this summer:
5. Got this snap chat of Kezia getting her immunization for Mexico:

6. was able to get multiple snap chat and texts and even a short FaceTime from Kiandra as she toured London with lots of free wifi access. 

7. Loved checking out the photos of Kiandra posted from her adventures including the view from the London Eye. this snap from Kezia showing off what she was doing in biology today:

9. had a staff meeting

10. drove from school to Kaden's favourite Mongolian stirfry restaurant where we met Conrad and Kezia and finally had Kaden's birthday supper.

11. Came home in time for Kaden to get ready for something he has been waiting for for years....the chance to play with Conrad at his Thursday night ball hockey (they said 15 is the age you can come out) Here's the view of the boys walking to ball hockey which is held at a church near our house:

12. heard that the evening had gone great and that Kaden had scored 5 goals on his first night!

13. Capped off the evening with a new episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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