Thursday, April 14, 2016

13 things I did today

1. enjoyed a full day of teaching Grade 1.

2. read another chapter in Charlotte's Web to them.

3. got a text from Kiandra that she had printed out a paper copy of  all her travel itineraries for the coming 2 weeks.

4. got a text from Conrad that he had paid for Kiandra's homestay in London at the bank.

5. told Conrad to buy Kaden an ice cream cake for Kaden's birthday tomorrow.

6. got a text from Conrad that he had bought the cake and a plastic hockey blade so Kaden could make a stick to play at Thursday night ball hockey now that he was turning 15.

7. enjoyed the potluck and stayed within my eating plan restrictions.

8. walked with Kaden to Jennifer's house and met Conrad there because they invited us for supper.

9. walked back to school right after supper to help set up the cookies that were being sold before the "Big Bad" play.

10. watched the closing night show of "Big Bad" surrounded by Grade 1 friends in the audience.

11. after Kaden decided to catch a ride home with Conrad after the show, I stopped at the mall to buy Kaden a pair of the Stance socks he had been asking for for his birthday.

12. I was passing the restaurant where Kezia works at about the time she usually is off and so I decided to hang out and wait for her and give her a ride home.

13. I took these pictures while I waited.

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