Saturday, April 30, 2016


It was great to start out the day by getting a pedicure with the gift certificate I got from the girls at Christmas. It is also exciting to think that it is finally getting to be sandal weather and these newly decorated toes will be able to peek out of socks as soon as this week:

Kiandra and her friend Kara have arrived in Switzerland and we were able to facetime for a bit this afternoon as she and Kara showed off their amazing hotel suite with 4 beds! and 3 windows! They have been posting regular photos to a shared album and we've been able to see all of their adventures through their photos. Today's photos included some of their adventures yesterday like faceswapping with the Mona Lisa, eating French macaroons on a picnic, and licking the Eiffel Tower. They are having a wonderful time.

Kezia worked in the morning and babysat in the evening and Kaden invited friends over for the day and for a sleepover this evening. Even this seemingly "slow" day before Spring Sports begin this week sure fills up quickly.

Conrad and I went for a walk to Starbucks this evening so I could cash in my free birthday drink. 


For the second year in a row the "birthday" frap was offered right over my birthday week. 

Today was the kind of day that makes me hungry for summer...the relaxing pace, the time with friends, walking weather and treats. My school countdown says it's 43 school days until Summer...that's not too much longer!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday 5

Five of my current favs:

1.The kids and Conrad bought me a soda stream for Mother's Day. However,  after a few uses and being disappointed each time because it was not very fizzy I asked if I could trade it for something I'd really use and they said yes. Here's what I got instead:
and it's awesome! I love the way it chopped up frozen fruit for smoothies and I like the individual cups blender size too.

2. Summer Temperatures! Although I still like it warmer than 30...or even 40...having a few days lately near 30 degrees is awesome and it isn't even June yet!

3. Now that summer temperatures are upon us, it's salad weather and this dressing is one of my favourites. I first found it randomly at Menards while looking for something else and only bought one bottle. I have since made trips specifically to buy more of this dressing. Yum!
4. I have been out of this seasoning for a long time and forgot how much I like it. Kiandra has been doing more than her fair share of cooking lately and she has been using it often too.

5. If you have seen me often over the last few months, chances are that you have seen me wear these earrings. I bought them at a Farmer's Market a few summers ago and I totally love them. They are so easy to wear and have no backings to lose!

Happy Friday!

I got an unexpected surprise this morning when one of my students brought me flowers! What a great start to Friday:

and of course, Conrad and I enjoyed our usual Friday night date night and Conrad's choice tonight was to go out for wings:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Scoring Champion

Tonight was the last Thursday night floor hockey for Conrad. He almost didn't even go because it was also Kaden's first practice for ball hockey and Conrad is the assistant coach but the guy in charge of floor hockey told Conrad he had to come to the pizza party wind up after even if he couldn't come to the final evening game because they were giving out awards for the first time. During the windup, Conrad was awarded this huge trophy as the scoring champion:

When Kaden saw it the next morning, he said "that will be my trophy next year! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Winner! Winner!

I won!

Last week I saw that one of the instagram accounts that I follow was giving away a necklace and the post said to tag someone in the comments. I tagged my friend Melanie because she had just had a birthday. My name was picked and I was excited to win it for her but a little jealous because Jolie Handmade Jewellery's recent more delicate pieces had been catching my eye lately. I didn't realize that the giveaway was for two necklaces and that Melanie and I would BOTH get one!

Today when I got home from a baby shower welcoming a new baby born to one of my teacher peeps, this was waiting for me in the mailbox (yup someone actually checked it today!)

So exciting to win such a nice prize!! A few weeks ago, Kezia won these spoons by commenting on an instagram giveaway post's been a winning kind of month!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


That sigh of relief you have when you wake up to this message...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hi my name is Pamela....

....and I am a stalker Mom. I have sunk to a new stalker Mom low...

Kiandra's friend Kara is on her way to meet Kiandra in London. They will spend 2 days touring London and then they will join a bus tour that starts in London and ends in Rome. I'm so excited (and maybe a little jealous!) of their adventure and I was almost as worried about Kara's journey as I was about Kiandra's. I couldn't really sleep and I spent some time refreshing the page and watching Kara's flight slowly move across the ocean. I was still awake when Kiandra got up on the other side of the world and I was able to text with her as she packed up her things and prepared to meet Kara at the airport.
I can't believe Kiandra has made it through this last week on her own. She did it! Navigated an unfamiliar city on the other side of the globe and had many adventures on her own. What an experience for me too as I had to be ok with the unknown (something I totally suck at) and just trust that God would guide her in that path she needed to go. It's been a time of growing up for both of us.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Teacher Peeps weekend 2016 draws to a close

We shopped.

We ate.

We found treasures.

We laughed.

We grew closer.

We left things behind like this silver sparkle tutu:

We all came away with purchases we loved.

We finished off our dining with another favourite stop: Qdobas!

 I pumped gas by all by myself...I think for the first time ever or at least since that time the gas guy walked me through it when Conrad and I were dating....
We had another great weekend getaway!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Food Highlights

One of my favourite things about the Teacher Peeps States trip is the chance to eat at our favourite American places together. I didn't mind the extra hour drive to eat at my favourite burger joint:
It was delicious!
Caribou Coffee was also a nice stop after our hours of shopping!

and Ruby Tuesday was our final meal of the day.

I work with awesome people. How cool is it to spend all week with the same people and then choose to spend all weekend with them too! It was a small group this year just with scheduling and previous commitments but it was nice to connect with this small group and bunk all together in one room. We also spent the whole day together instead of splitting up into multiple groups. It was kind of nice to have a smaller group this year but I hope next year we can have everyone who was interested be able to come out for the weekend.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Teacher peeps head south!

After an all day planning meeting at school, three teachers from our school and 2 teachers from our other campus left for a weekend of shopping, laughing, eating, and fun.

Here we are at our favourite Friday night spot: Applebees for 1/2 price appies!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

13 things I did today

1. Woke up to this snap chat message of Kiandra redy to hit the London attractions today:
2. was awake when Conrad, Kezia, and Kaden left early for dentist appointments at 7:30am.

3. wondered how Kaden was doing as he had spent the last two weeks dreading the doctor's appointment after the dentist appointment.

4. got this snap chat of Kaden getting his immunization for the Mexico mission trip this summer:
5. Got this snap chat of Kezia getting her immunization for Mexico:

6. was able to get multiple snap chat and texts and even a short FaceTime from Kiandra as she toured London with lots of free wifi access. 

7. Loved checking out the photos of Kiandra posted from her adventures including the view from the London Eye. this snap from Kezia showing off what she was doing in biology today:

9. had a staff meeting

10. drove from school to Kaden's favourite Mongolian stirfry restaurant where we met Conrad and Kezia and finally had Kaden's birthday supper.

11. Came home in time for Kaden to get ready for something he has been waiting for for years....the chance to play with Conrad at his Thursday night ball hockey (they said 15 is the age you can come out) Here's the view of the boys walking to ball hockey which is held at a church near our house:

12. heard that the evening had gone great and that Kaden had scored 5 goals on his first night!

13. Capped off the evening with a new episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Different Views

Kiandra sent me this picture today of her visiting Stonehenge and I had a chance to see her point of view:
Later on in the day, I enjoyed this view as Kaden (on his own initiative) started the yard work:
My kids are awesome....

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

And she's off

That's the end. Today was the end of Kiandra's time as a Nanny. She left on January 31 and has been with the family since she arrived the next day. She has had a great experience living abroad and she has been a wonderful help to the family during her stay. Today she moves on to new adventures. Kiandra can stay in the EU for 90 days without a visa. When we booked her flights we maximized this time and she was scheduled to come home on day 90. However, Kiandra's friend Kara was looking into possibly joining her to do some traveling after writing her last exam at the end of April. In order to not go over the 90 days, Kiandra has to leave the EU and spend a week outside of it in order to pause her time and give her a week of travel with Kara when Kara arrives after her exam. Since England is not part of the EU, Kiandra has chosen to spend a week there by herself before Kara arrives and then they will meet up and travel together.

Yup. Kiandra is off the England. Alone. *gulp*

Thanks to find my friends and free wifi at the airport I was able to connect with Kiandra after she took the train from Rennes to the airport.

A few hours later I checked her flight and saw that it had arrived in London.

Her flight arrived at 4:36pm which is 10:36am our time. I expected to hear from Kiandra after she landed and it was perfect because I was on a recess break when she landed. I didn't hear from her. By lunch time I was getting a little worried. The homestay we had booked said that it was about 40 minutes from the airport she landed at. Even factoring in waiting for the tube and finding her way, I expected that by the time lunch was over that I would hear from her. I didn't hear from her. I had a prep later in the day and still there was no word from Kiandra. 

When I arrived in yearbook after school. A message from Kiandra finally came through and it was two words...I'm lost. 

When I used the "find my friend" app then I saw that Kiandra was at the location where her homestay was and Kiandra told me that now she was at the homestay.

Yikes! I guess Kiandra had gone to the wrong address and thankfully they were able to let her call Pamela--the homestay host--and Pamela actually went there to pick her up. I'm so glad Kiandra decided to do the homestay because I know a hotel wouldn't have gone to pick her up from another address! She had finally arrived and this Mom could relax...a little bit :)

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