Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday 13

13 things I did today:

1. Made it through the last day before Spring break with relative ease...sometimes the excitement is a bit too much for Grade 1 friends to handle.

 2. Participated in our school's Easter Chapel:

3. Made butter chicken and butter chickpeas for supper.

4. Cleaned up after supper because Conrad and Kaden left right after supper to go to the hockey game.

5. Drove the van to Kezia who was working to leave her the van for when she was finished work.

6. Walked home from her work:

7. Looked at my runtastic app and saw that it registered my "walk" home at the pace that I usually I suspected...I am a slow runner!!

8. Got this from the boys at the game:
9. I had a snuggle buddy for the evening even though I was alone for the evening:
10. I made Paska:
11. I watched Grey's Anatomy.

12. I got this snap chat from Kezia when she finished work:

13. I  made big plans for all the things I want to do over Spring Break.


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